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A Kirkwood Classic for more than 20 years. The same great shaved ice you love, now with a new look!

Welcome to the new Tropical Moose.

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tropical moose-9.png
Image by Corey Agopian
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Tropical Moose came to life in 1995 after Jack and his wife Pat took a vacation to Hawaii.

Jack, a teacher to the deaf, decided a snow cone stand, like the ones they tried on the island, might be a way to supplement his teaching salary during the summer.

He found a snow cone stand for sale in South St. Louis, and knew at that moment he needed to buy it. It had one serving window and an ice shaver. His initial idea was to freeze fresh fruit and shave it into cups like he had in Hawaii. He wanted it to be a "mousse," which is how the name Tropical Moose came to be. After calculating costs, doing some research, and finding the right flavors, they settled on the classic shaved ice that you can still get today. 

After a few hiccups in the road, Jack and Pat met Liz and Mike Gibbons, along with daughter Meredith who had her first job here as a teenager, who helped them get Tropical Moose into the Kirkwood Farmers' Market which it's been in for 20 years. With growing spaces and buildings, team members, and support, it eventually got the name "tro mo" which is what all of the locals call it. Even after all of these years, it's still a staple today and always will be....


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Image by Syd Sujuaan

We're Mike + Meredith

We are so excited to continue the “TroMo” legacy in Kirkwood. Pat and Jack created an amazing business built on snow and fun. We’re honored to continue operating TroMo while adding our own spin.  

We have been long time fans of Tropical Moose. Meredith worked at TroMo for 8 years during high school and college. It was the best job and taught her so much. 

Our love for all things tropical took us to Hawaii for our honeymoon. We fell in love with the culture and delicious shaved ice. We traveled all over the island snorkeling and trying different shaved ice spots. Hawaii is a beautiful and colorful place. We’re looking forward to bringing those Hawaiian vibes to the midwest.

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